How can I have my property estimated by a property expert ?

You are planning to sell your property but want to know how much similar houses or apartments are worth in your neighbourhood. By making use of an estimation simulator, you will not obtain its real value, but simply a rather wide price bracket. To sell your property at the right price without wasting time, based on the best estimate, it is worth making an appointment with a property expert in the area where your property is situated.

A property expert : what are the advantages ?
The best expert who can estimate a property's true worth is an estate-agent who is very active in the area where the property to be sold is located. He is fully aware of property prices in his area, developments in the property market and, above all, he is there to ascertain the best price as compared to demand. Having a property estimated by an estate-agent guarantees that your house or apartment will be evaluated at its real worth, taking current demand on the market into account. The higher the demand when you have your property estimated, the better the price you will be able to obtain. Only an expert in the property's area is capable of estimating the price of the property being put up for sale as accurately as possible.

Free estimate within 5 days.
As a real-estate project is always an important step in our lives, whether buying or selling, Houses & Apartments assists you in your plan to sell by recommending the best experts in the area in which the property is located. We guarantee that the assignment will be taken in hand within 24 hrs by 2 property experts who are partners of Houses & Apartments. We know that they have the expertise and professionalism required to assist you in selling your apartment or house as quickly as possible. In less than 24 hrs, an appointment is made by telephone to set the appointment for the property's evaluation. You can obtain free estimates of your house or apartment by 2 property experts in less than 5 days.

Prepare your appointment for higher efficiency.
For more efficient handling of your request, we recommend that you complete the information form, indicating the type of property (apartment, house, plot of land, loft, villa…), its address with the name of the road, avenue etc, the town, the property's category (new or old), its characteristics (surface area, position, number of main rooms, number of bedrooms, garden, terrace, balcony, pool…), and finally all your contact details so that our property experts can get in touch with you at the earliest. The more fully the information form is completed, the more you will help the expert to prepare your first telephone appointment.

An objective view of your home.
A home is often a lifetime project : it corresponds to your needs and expectations but, above all, it reflects your personality. We tend to overvalue a property because it has sentimental value or quite simply because the work or renovations we have carried out represent a certain cost. A property's worth also depends, however, on factors in the property market : its price will rise if there is strong demand and scarce supply. On the other hand, low demand and a wide choice of availabilities will result in a lower price for your property. Having your apartment or house estimated is essential, especially as potential buyers are better informed than they used to be. News on real estate is available on the Internet, potential buyers can consult and compare thousands of property ads. The current market no longer holds any secrets, buyers follow property prices in each area, average prices per sq. metre, how long it takes to sell, whether there is room for negotiation, agency fees…. A town's economic situation also influences its property market significantly. Having a property estimated by a professional offers the advantage of proposing a sales price which enables the owner to find a taker in the shortest possible time without undercutting the value of his house or apartment.

Giving a property added value in the case of refurbishment.
With in-depth knowledge of his area, the estate-agent anticipates demands from future buyers who are prepared to invest in renovation work. Some of which can lead to a reduction in the sales price, room for negotiation for the buyer, which should be anticipated in the owner's final sales price. On the other hand, future renovation of a property may allow the potential buyer to make a profit. Making clients aware of a property's potential means adding a certain value : the higher the potential, the more the value of the property for sale is enhanced. A property expert has the ability to project himelf into a property which corresponds more closely to market demand in terms of style, practicality, or layout of the rooms : he is capable of giving the best advice to make your property more desirable, and thus obtain the best price for it.